Simple, convenient methods to pay via Patientco

Logo-PatientCo-228Everyone here at Buckhead Internal Medicine is pleased and excited to announce our recent partnership with Patientco, a joint effort to bring you a more positive and simplified billing experience.

Our relationship with Patientco reflects our focus on not only bringing you a positive clinical experience, but also on reducing the complications for you that are typically involved in understanding, managing, and paying your healthcare expenses. Patientco works to reduce these complications for you and your family, and provides you with one place where you can pay, manage, and track your family’s healthcare expenses online for free.

You will have the ability to create your own intuitive online PatientWallet™, designed to give you complete control over all of your healthcare expenses. You can use your PatientWallet to login and pay for your recent appointment, schedule a payment for your teen’s visit, or even dispute a charge that doesn’t seem quite right. Patientco ensures the security of your PatientWallet by assigning the unique, 9-digit SecureHealthCode on every communication you receive. This unique code keeps your information safe and secure. In addition to protecting your private information, the SecureHealthCode ensures that your online payments are posted to your account with 100% accuracy. With this code, you can feel confident that your information is safe and your payment is secure. If you have received a bill from Patientco but no longer have it or access to your SecureHealthCode, you can contact us directly for assistance.

Along with giving you one location to manage all of your expenses simply and easily from within your PatientWallet, our partnership with Patientco allows us to provide you with multiple other payment options for your convenience. You are more than welcome to pay in person at the Buckhead Internal Medicine office, over the phone with one of our representatives, or by mailing in a check to Patientco’s processing center. All patients now also have the option to make a payment 24/7 by paying online through the PatientWallet or over our new automated phone system! Using the online tool allows you the option of scheduling a payment up to 6 weeks in advance, as well as making payments on other outstanding Buckhead Internal Medicine statements you may have. You can also call our office to set up a payment plan or schedule that suits your needs.

If you have questions related to the services and charges on your bill, insurance filing questions, or other general questions not related to your Patientco online account, you can contact the team at Buckhead Internal Medicine directly. The easiest and fastest way to do so is by utilizing the Secure Messaging feature located directly within your PatientWallet. These communications are strictly between you and Buckhead Internal Medicine, and will be kept as secure as your payment information and history.

We are excited to share our partnership with Patientco and provide all of our patients with the free PatientWallet to bring you every convenient, secure payment option you need and easy methods to manage these payments. The team at Buckhead Internal Medicine is here to answer any questions you may have regarding the statement you receive from Patientco or any other concerns surrounding your care. Thank you for choosing Buckhead Internal Medicine!

If you’ve already received a bill from Patientco, click here to get started

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